Susan McClelland: Accumulations Retraced

In a labor intensive process, Susan McClelland creates her sculptures with hand stitched, variously worked fabrics placed over recognizable household furniture or shaped metal wires. The resultant works are organic, unruly, and open ended in appearance and interpretation. Subtle recollections and emotions may be evoked in the viewer by the choice of fabric (rough upholstery cloth, smooth sheeting, nappy blankets, buttoned blouses, transparent gauzes),  the particular working method (draped, roped, frayed, snipped, stuffed, layered, padded, colored by pigmented waxes and dyes), and the type of furniture used (a daybed, various chairs, a lamp, an end table). McClelland sees furniture as “a tangible object to collect memories… containing characteristics left by their owners.” Her creations, brought about by repetitive stitching, speak to “mending, bonding, and journeys that occur between individuals and within an individual in order to form and maintain relationships.”

Installation in Main Gallery of Accumulations Retraced

Susan McClelland, a long time Ohio resident, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kent State University, Kent, OH (2007) and BS from Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, OH (1998). Her work has been shown at galleries in Kent, Cleveland, Akron, and other communities in this region of Ohio.



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