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SEPT 1 - NOV 30, 2013


The Sculpture Center is hosting our first artist-in-residence, Przemyslaw Jasielski of Poznan, Poland, through the Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion program. Przemyslaw is working with students and art professor Irina Koukhanova in the sculpture studio of Cleveland State University preparing a new installation, Analog Immigration, that will open at The Galleries at Cleveland State University on October 25 (on view through December 7). Jasielski has also been honored by the Polish Studies of Cleveland State University as the Visiting Polish Scholar and is addressing Polish American groups in northeast Ohio during his residency.

Jasielski, a graduate of Poznan Academy of Fine Arts, Poland (MA Sculpture 1994), creates installations, objects, drawings and photographs combining art with science and technology. His most recent piece, Leviathan, a huge object covered with a coating reactive to touch that emits various sounds and vibrations as a result of interaction with the audience, was commissioned by the Polish Minister of Culture for the Malta Festival Poznan (summer 2013). Other works have been presented at numerous domestic and international exhibitions, including Tokyo Wonder Site (a 2012 residency), Skolska 28 Gallery in Prague,the Czech Republic, Gyeonggi Creation Center in South Korea (a 2010 residency), Lucas Artists Residency in Montalvo, California, USA, Optica Gallery in Montreal, Canada and Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw, Poland.

Przemo says, "In the creative process I approach the work with the attitude of an engineer, adapting the precise planning and scientific research, while focusing on the conceptual content rather than using techniques or materials. Many of these works explore rituals of everyday reality, playing a specific game with the imagination and wisdom of the viewer, with his habits shaped by daily routine of contemporary world and his own presence in it. Most of them are in a close relation to the space and are interactive - the spectator is allowed to play with them or even to change their shape. My works confront, actually present reality with its transformation to allow the viewer to observe it in a new, fresh way. They usually contain a specific, critical sense of humor that is not irony or cynicism, but is in a way serious. They often try to take actions commonly seen as impossible, useless, ineffective or too difficult."

More about the artist and videos of the making of Leviathan here.

Przemyslaw Jasielski, Leviathan, 2013, mixed media, dimensions variable. Image courtesy of the artist.

Jasielski was invited to participate in Transnature Is Here: Art & Science Project (part of the New Situations Program - Malta Festival Poznan 2013) by the Ministry of Culture of Poland, leading to the creation of Leviathan. Przemo says of this work: "The Leviathan project combines the artist's previous search in the realm of technology and sound with his fascination with the utopian visions of the world dominated by machines. It is an attempt to create an artificial electronic organism showing the features of a living creature. The object is covered with a coating reacting to touch and emits various sounds and vibrations as a result of interaction with the audience. Leviathan contradicts the privileged position of a human being as regards technology and the utilitarian use of the machine. It grants the machine its own subjective identity. This unique object takes up a game with the economics of desire too. Unlike devices and gadgets purchased on a mass scale, which are to improve our lives or provide entertainment, Leviathan remains non-assimilated and in its own way - passive. It is an "alien/other", a thing coming from a different order of reality, unpredictable and self-controllable."

The Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion is an urban-based, community-engaged residency program for international artists created by the Cleveland Foundation. The program consists of two, three-month residencies in Cleveland in the spring and fall each year. Each residency period hosts up to six artists from cultures not well represented currently in Cleveland's professional arts sector. The host provides the conditions to support new creative work, creative exchange with local artists and for engagement with the Cleveland community - in particular with young people. Host organizations receive a grant from the foundation that covers all major costs of the residency.

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