April 23- May 28  
Friday, April 23 
5:30-8:00 Public Opening 
6:15  The Artist Talks with Stefan Chinov 
7:00  The Artist Talks with Andréa Keys Connell

Andréa Keys Connell: Un-Home-Like

Main Gallery

A 2010 W2S Exhibition

Un-Home-Like references Delacroix’s Barque of Dante and Virgil, with a cabinet in the place of the rowboat. The ensuing scene is one of a domestic fight for survival, stirring up notions of the effects of intergenerational trauma on the family and placing the viewer within a unique and problematic vantage point "The element of fantasy that is created shows how the past and the present, dream and reality, conscious and unconscious, familiar and unfamiliar can exist together in an environment that is uncanny, much like the way subconscious memories of a traumatic event can be very much alive in our conscious actions." The title, "Un-Home-Like" is the translation of the German "Das Unheimliche", which is where the term "uncanny" originates.

Subconscious memories of traumatic events from one's past are brought to the surface in Andrea Keys Connell's work as she examines how these memories affect one's identity, behaviors, and actions. Refusing to straightforwardly or even ever answer how these are intertwined, Connell combines the familiar and comfortable with the uncanny and, in doing so, creates pieces that lead to questions instead of concrete conclusions. Asking the viewer to interact with the scene, Connell brings us into "a world that is a combination of the real, the surreal, the dreamlike, the familiar, and the disjointed." She leaves "the viewer to decide the flaws of the characters, the scenario that is about to or has occurred, and the viewer's role as a witness to the event."

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about the artist

Andréa Keys Connell is an Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Longwood University in Farmville, Va. In May of 2009, Ceramics Monthly Magazine published her as a top Emerging Artist of the year.  This coming fall Connell will participate in a yearlong Emerging Artist Residency Fellowship at VCU.  She received her MFA from Ohio University in 2009 and her BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2002.  

Connell has shown her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions at galleries such as the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MN, The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA, the Herron Gallery in Indianapolis, IN, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, KY, and The Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA.  Connell’s work was recently included in Portraiture Beyond Likeness at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA, and is currently being shown in Transcending the Figure at The Dairybarn Center of the Arts in Athens, OH.  Curated by Tom Bartel, the show runs through May 2010. 

In addition to exhibiting her work, Connell presents lectures that correlate with her interests in the study of intergenerational trauma and third generation Holocaust survivors. Her sculptures and writings are driven by a desire to investigate how an individual’s personal history affects their identity, behaviors, and actions.

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Stefan Chinov: The Device Laid Bare

Euclid Avenue Gallery

A 2010 W2S Exhibition

Sculpture and drawing come together in the works of Stefan Chinov as he explores the question of "whether an object is identified by the fact of its physical presence or by a reassuring image that represents it." In The Device Laid Bare, Chinov places both the object and the representing image together for the audience to examine. In his recent experiences, Chinov has found that "an object is formed by complex physical and discursive forces which, in their constant flux, are often impossible to distinguish from each other." Interested in this indistinguishable result, Chinov questions whether the process of interpretation can ever be free from one's own desires or rationales and, therefore, ever not fall victim to the "perceptually deceptive" object.

about the artist
Stefan Chinov is Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Drawing at Wright State University and formerly taught at East Central University in Ada, OK, Brookhaven Community College School of the Arts in Dallas, TX, and Southern Methodist University also in Dallas, TX. He received his MFA from Southern Methodist University (2000) and his MA/BFA from the National Academy of the Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria (1994). He has exhibited extensively in Ohio, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Chinov's sculpture was exhibited at The Sculpture Center in On A Pedestal and Off The Wall, the Fourth Annual Exhibition of Smaller Sculpture from the Region (2008).

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